January the 10th 2016 marks 70 years since the US military managed to use the moon as a reflector and ‘bounce’ a signal off its surface, paving the way for radio hams to incorporate it into the hobby.

Moonbounce or EME (Earth-Moon-Earth) is up there at the top end of Amateur radio with the equipment to pull it off successfully costing more than a pretty penny. With stacked directional arrays and a big dollop of RF power, its probably one of the more specialized areas of hobby radio.

picture of the moon
After reading somewhere that eHam.net have a big EME line up planned for around the 23 of December 2015, I failed to find it again 🙂 (most be more ruthless with bookmarks)

They do have a very busy website with lots of info posted all the time and will have another go this weekend and update this post when I get my hands on the details.

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