Managed to catch some ham operators enjoying a contest on 70cm last night and even had the time to piece together a few audio clips I recorded. I know its pretty dry stuff if its not what you usually listen out for but the locators given out are of much interest to me, because I can sometimes judge what spot of high ground the hams are using.

After fiddling around with my home setup and not picking much up (I’m more than a bit out of the way), I turned to the SUWS Farnham WebSDR. Working off a Helix Dipole at 20 meters above the ground means this SDR feed always seems to do well on 433 MHz.

433 Mhz SDR Waterfall

Nice to See some Sideband on 433 MHz!

Its location helps too with plenty of well populated areas nearby and the SDR waterfall was nice and full of stuff to checkout. Even though there were reports of a noisy band, everything on my end sounded good and I could easily make out those signals that were coming in just above the noise floor.

433 MHz SSB Audio

This audio was edited and encoded into MP3 format using the free (and fantastic) Audacity program 🙂

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