With our radio activities being very shortwave heavy of late its about time to do some more VHF/UHF monitoring and wanting to try something new we decided to give TV dxing a go. Although the TV signals in the VHF/UHF frequencies range are still at the same mercy of propagation as radio amateur and utility transmissions they do offer the advantages of always being on or at least running to a predictable schedule.

Tv Dxing Antennas

Some of the team looked at TV dxing over the years but none will admit to giving it a serious go (basically a room of clueless newbies), so it should be interesting to see how we all hold up.

Thankfully there are some great resources on the internet for those wanting to start receiving long distance TV signals.

The Worldwide TV-FM DX Association has a jam packed website with a forum that we have a feeling we will be spending a fair amount of time in as we get to grips with some new technology.

TV Dxing Equipment

It used to be that the only solution for the receiving long distance TV was using the old 80’s analogue televisions but with the advent of Software Defined Radio there is now a massive range of technology to play with 🙂

Because we want to enjoy the benefits of working at altitude we will be keeping it simple (at the beginning) and putting together a portable station we can drag up a hill or two.

Equipment Breakdown

Battery operated portable television

Realistic built a number of different models that suit our needs and after a quick look there seems to be plenty for sale in the secondhand market (eBay etc).

Wideband Masthead Amplifier

With all the bits and pieces we have hanging around in boxes its a sure bet we have something that will serve as an amplifier good enough to boost weaker signals, failing that we can buy or build something.

Directional Antenna

This we are going to constrict out of old directional aerials and sticky tape. A tripod has already been found that is sturdy and light enough to be carried along with the rest of the equipment.

Picture Capture

Finding a way to get those lovely pictures and video into a format that we can show on this website is a priority (can see a gallery coming on).

Additional Bits and Pieces

Hopefully that’s all the main points covered except how we are going to power it all. There will be some serious testing and calculation done on the power supply side before we even attempt to use the kit outdoors, nothing worse than hiking to a good high spot only to have the batteries in whatever radio your using die within the hour (been there).

Input Needed

If you have an experience with TV dxing it would be great to hear from you if only for recommendations for the best equipment, use the comment box below or send us an email

We started a new TV dxing category so all future posts can be accessed easily as we attempt to get together a working receiving station.

TV Antenna Picture Courtesy of Wikipedia (Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License)

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