My name is Carl, welcome to our website.

Scanners are changing all the time with the technology available to us becoming more sophisticated and flexible. With the constant move away for completely physical scanners in favor of an open source environment the possibility for creating advance automation and designing the perfect interface for you needs is closer than ever.

Radio has always been in my life starting from a young age with CB radio which was the deciding factor in a choice of a 25 year career in electronics where I was never far from some sort of radio technology. Now semi retired and with a lot more time of my hands to spend on my hobbies the radios have been unpacked and I am always looking for ways to improve my setup.

Scope Of This Website

Soon after starting this website I realized we didn’t really have a concrete direction to follow. Instead of working to a strict plan (like some of the other websites we’ve created) it was decided just to leave it for a while and see how things went.

Apart from being much more fun to write for its let the site find its own way and got to say its working out pretty good. With more and more content being added all the time Scanner Heaven is finally starting to come together.

Nearly all the content is split between helps articles on getting started with radio scanners, emerging scanner technology and new scanner products. There is also a fair amount of articles about the vintage side of hobby radio, driven by my passion for some of the excellent older scanners still available today.

This site will always be updated as this is one of our ongoing projects and we hope to look back in 10 or 20 years at how much radio technology has changed.

I hope you enjoy this site and you find it useful.