Ham radio rallies are always a good source of radios and you’ll usually also happen across more than a few radio scanners (some of the more vintage variety). Living roughly in the center of the UK means there’s plenty of nearby hamfest’s for me to trawl throughout the year.

One of the bigger ones is hosted by Wythall radio club and is only a few weeks away on Sunday the 20th of March. A short train then a decent hike means I can get there in about an hour from my home QTH.

Hunting For?

Never a fan of buying secondhand radios online, these events give me a chance to pick up more vintage radio gear. If it can be shown to be working then I’m happier to part with some cash and this year I’m hoping for scanners around the same age as my beloved (and just a little clunky) JIL SX200 (pictured below).

jilsx200 radio scanner video picture

You may be old, but your so fine 🙂

Strict Cash Rules

I’m only human and have got carried away before at the sight of all that radio tech, so nowadays all cards are left at home and only what I can afford to spend is left in my wallet.

This may seem a little extreme, but if you have a passion, its amazing the sort of justifications you’ll conjure up if you happen to see something nice and shiny for sale 🙂

All the details about the rally can be found over at the Wythall Radio Club Website.

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