The survivalist and prepper movements worldwide rely on effective portable radio communications and this makes keeping up with the many related blogs, perfect reading material for any radio enthusiast.

Taking the newer radio tech and bending it to their own use just goes to highlight how versatile the latest portable radio gear has become.

One of the better pieces I’ve seen recently is a post called Militia Radio Frequencies. Packed with info and some great pictures of radios the militia are using, it is a long read but well worth the effort.

BaoFeng BF-F8HP

There’s heavy use of radios like the BaoFeng range, which isn’t much of a surprise considering they are very cheap, easy to get hold of and can be programmed to operate over a wide selection of frequencies.

Be sure to have a quick look at the comments on the post, as there are some very good points raised about the security of the radios being used.

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