There’s a large amount of my time spent looking at radios online just to keep up with whats going on and when newer models are being released, but every now and then one will slip through the cracks.

Looking at the more well informed reviews on Amazon gives a great insight into hobby radio buying habits and although a lot of the reviews are massed on cheaper items like general accessories, there are some great (real) reviews on the more expensive items.

One such review had a link in it to the AOR receiver pictured below and even though it had passed me by since its release, its still good to look at a new piece of radio gear.

AOR AR-DV1 wideband communications receiver

AOR AR-DV1 Wideband Communications Receiver

AOR AR-DV1 Quick Specs

0.1 to 1300 MHz Frequency Coverage

All Mode (AM/FM/SSB)

Able to Handle Most Common Digital Modes

Record Audio Straight to Memory Card (SD/SDHC)

Memories 2000 (40 Banks)

Dimensions – 178mm (Wide) 50mm (Height) 214mm (Depth)

Weight – 1.5kg

The ability to put audio directly onto a memory card is something that the latest batch of scanners (and shortwave radio) are starting to make a standard fitting. Not only does this save messing around with software and cables, it also takes away the use of a RF hash generating computer when listening.

And The Cost?

Price wise the AOR AR-DV1 isn’t going to cost less than $1,000 at the moment but even the top end radio communications equipment drops price over time (or when newer models hit the market).

When you compare this to something like an Icom RC8500, its a few hundred cheaper although you’re losing the extra 700 MHz coverage in the microwave part of the radio spectrum that the RC8500 gives (if that even bothers you).

You can view more details on the AOR AR-DV1 Wideband Communications Receiver over at

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