Since moving house I’ve ended up with a bigger computer desk and added another computer to my ever growing collection. They’re all networked together to make moving stuff between them easier (no more messing around with flash drives), but the one annoying aspect was not being able to get all the separate computers audio into a single pair of headphones.

For a while 2 into 1 was achieved by first putting on a pair of ear buds then slipping the cans over the top. This sounded OK although not very comfortable after a while 🙂

3 way computer audio cable

The Business End of the Cable

After looking at the ‘commercial’ solutions available, I decided that they were way way overpriced for what they are and made my own cable. For the price of just over 10 British pounds and about an hours work, I now have the different pieces of SDR kit I use (and online feeds) fed into my lovely Turtle Beach Gaming Headphones.

The cable is made up of 3 x 3.5mm stereo jack plugs, a single 3.5mm Stereo jack socket and a few meters of small gauge 3 core mains cable.

computer audio cable

The Completed Cable

A Work in Progress

Set up for 3 computers, the cable works well until the older (P.O.S!) DELL base unit is plugged into the loop? Not sure whats going on there at the moment, but not overall bothered as the three way was a little bit of overkill as that computers audio isn’t essential (would be nice though).

Shouldn’t take long to figure out and that’s been added to the bottom of my long ‘to do’ list.

By carefully tweaking volume and squelch levels there’s an acceptable balance that allows me to now listen to 2 SDR audio feeds at the same time.

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