Too many wires are probably the most annoying thing for me when it comes to setting up all my radio and computer equipment. Any steps I can take to do away with as many as possible is always good, which can be a battle when your dealing with all those separate pieces of electronic equipment

With my chosen radio room at the top of the house (where else!), I was left with the choice of running a cable to the Internet router, that is (at the moment) installed downstairs or going down the wireless path.

TP Link size

Showing the Size of the TP Link WIFI Adapter!

I’ve got WIFI built into my two modern laptops that does a good enough job but they’re only used now and then for the net with my old Dell base unit being the computer I do all my web based work on.

With the Dell still running Windows XP (I will be upgrading soon but its hard to let go of an operating system I actually get along with) I had to be careful with the choice of adapter because XP is starting to be left out of compatibility for a whole range of new hardware.

Settled on the mini TP Link WIFI adapter which is so small its barely noticeable even when plugged into the front USB ports.

It might even survive longer in the side of my ancient HP laptop than the full sized mobile broadband dongle that I trashed simple by putting the laptop down at an angle 🙂

tp link in front usb port

The TP Link Plugged in to a Slightly Dusty PC

How Well Does It Work?

After an easy install (with the supplied driver CD), I’m getting just over 50 Mbps between computer and router.

Its well short of what a direct cable would give me (and the stated 300Mbps max for the adapter) but the WIFI speed is more than a match for the incoming broadband speed and after working on it for a few days, have got used to it and its one less cable I’ll need to run around the house.

You can find all the information on the TP Link over at Amazon

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