Even though desktop radio scanners are in the minority these days as more and more handheld scanners are produced there are still some well designed base station scanners being made and setting up a permanent scanner base station has a lot of advantages over using a handheld scanner radio at home.

Benefits of a Desktop Scanner

Even though handheld radio scanners are becoming more featured packed all the time and are ideal for using when out and about they suffer from limitations for use at home that desktop scanners just don’t have.

Uniden BC345CRS 500 Channel Desktop Scanner

Uniden BC345CRS Desktop Scanner
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One thing any scanner owner is looking for in any piece of equipment is a clear audio quality and while the makers of handheld scanners do their best to deliver this they are always up against the compact case size of the radio. Add to this the amount of space in the case that the keypad and display take up and there isn’t a lot left to fit anything to big in the way of a speaker.

Desktop scanner don’t suffer with this crucial drawback because of a larger case size and the opportunity to fit a bigger speaker more suited to listening to radio transmissions. Fitted in the top lid of the desktop scanner or positioned facing the user the home base scanner speaker offers an improved audio quality over a handheld unit.

Control Panel

As we packed more and more features into out high tech handheld radio scanners all those functions have to be accessed somewhere and even when buttons are given a dual function there are still a great many of them to fit into the front panel of a handheld scanner.

With much more case to play with desktop scanner producers have the luxury of designing a better laid out control interface with bigger buttons and a lot more space between them to avoid those accidental or double button presses that sometimes happen when using a handheld scanner.

Bigger, Better Displays

Scanner displays report so much information about its operating state along with details of the signals being received and are our only indication of what is going on with our scanner. The large generous displays fitted to desktop scanners enable us to glance at the radio and see precisely how things are going.

The other aspect of handheld displays is that they often have a back light that automatically turns off after a few minutes meaning that every time you want to read the display when using the scanner in the dark you have to physically touch the radio to activate the back light, this auto off back light feature is important on handheld scanners to stop too much drain on the batteries.

Plugged into a stable power source gives the desktop scanner all the power its need to have the display back light on all the time without the need to keep pressing buttons just to see whats going on.


Scanning radio receivers are unlike other domestic radio products and really benefit from a permanent desktop scanner radio setup in the home to give consistent excellent reception.

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