You’ll always get a little ‘wear and tear’ on radio equipment that gets taken outside in all weathers and provided you realize that their life is always going to be a lot shorter than radio gear tucked up nicely in the house, it shouldn’t be too heartbreaking when things go wrong.

With the said, I’m mortified to see the state of my GRE PSR-255 scanner antenna after a wild camping trip last weekend!. Even though its easy to take care when packing a rucksack before leaving the house, the same doesn’t always happen when trying to square everything away the next morning.

Broken Radio Scanner Antenna


Trying to Look on the Bright Side

The antenna itself isn’t damaged, still works exactly the same and as I’m not too bothered about the look of a radio, a layer of black tape will keep everything together (or some heat shrink if I’m being posh about it).

My only major gripe is that this scanner handy has been through a lot worse than last weekends very gentle wild camp. Its been rained on, dropped of a cliff (luckily into soft grass) and got left in the bracken on a very wet welsh mountain for an hour, until I backtracked and picked it up 🙂

I’m also thanking my lucky stars that the damage was done to what is a cheap (and easily replaced) radio than the much more expensive radio gear I had in my rucksack this time around.

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