Vintage radio scanners in the kind of condition this Sony Air-7 is in are harder to come by as time goes on. Either they got locked away forever in a collection or finally get handed to someone who doesn’t take care of it. Its nice to see one of these with all the markings still on the front panel as extensive use (and friction) has rubbed them off many models you see up for sale.

Sony Air-7 Radio Scanner

Sony Air-7 Radio Scanner

As with all radio scanners of the vintage variety there is a limited amount of memories, but with a little forethought this shouldn’t be a problem.

You’ll have to be quick if your going to take a punt on this iconic Sony receiver as the auction ends in just under 2 days (at time of writing).

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Sony Air-7 Frequency Coverage

Although the Air-7 was marketed for the air-band, it also gives a small chunk of the SW band, standard VHF commercial radio and a fair slice of the VHF PMR band (including the 2m ham allocation)

AIR-7: AM 150 – 2194 kHz, VHF FM 76-108 MHz, AIR Band 108 – 136 MHz AM, VHF 144 – 174 MHz FM

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