Somethings just snowball once started and after writing a few weeks ago about the possibility of leaving the radio transmission black spot I was living in, a nice turn of events has put a touch of speed to the whole process and I’m now the proud owner of a much better location 🙂

Moving house is no fun (no matter how you go about it), but I’m glad that its almost over.

Have already carved out a place for myself with enough room for radios and my computers. Its a bit of a work in progress at the moment but I have to say that even though the outside antennas are a way off yet, quick scans with my handheld stuff shows a nice collection of signals right across the VHF/UHF PMR and ham bands!

new messy radio shack

A Very Messy Beginning

Plenty To Do

Its going to be a long few weeks ahead with my time split between getting all the radios set up with their respective antennas and doing all the other tasks that a new place needs.

Can’t wait to get the SDR gear up and running with a good external antenna as this never produced much in the way of results from the old location.

Got great plans for this place that can only make my hobby and content for this website a lot better (these things go very much hand in hand).

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