Don’t you just sometimes wish there was a lot more room to put up antennas at your home QTH?. Radio enthusiasts over the years have mastered the art of squeezing effective antennas into whatever space is available, but it still doesn’t stop making you feel completely envious of those who have a mountain of space for hobby radio.

Below is a quick video of a place I walk by now and then, this radio ham has gone nuts with his hobby (no bad thing) and the whole place seems to be turned over to that one purpose.

I’m not going to lay out where this place is for obvious reasons, but they seem to have security covered in the form of the nastiest looking dogs I’ve seen for a long while guarding the house (well you would, wouldn’t you!). I usually get on well with dogs, although I know getting anywhere near these scary animals is going to involve a trip to hospital or a morgue 🙂

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