The ill fated Chinese GRE scanner company may be back producing next generation toys for us to play with soon but its not quite what we expected. The Whistler Group has dug deep and bought GRE’s intellectual property which is just another way of saying that they now have the right to pick up where GRE left off, hopefully making the new scanners we knew were on the way.

This is good news for every scanner enthusiast as another big player in the market will not only give more choice when it comes to buying new radios but the increased competition will help to keep prices low across the whole range of scanner producers.

All new electronic equipment relies on ideas from it’s competing brands and even though this stops short of stealing the exact function, its good to emulate the successes other brands have had.

The Unfortunate Demise

The close down of GRE’s production faculty in china was a combination of poor planning and uncontrollable market forces. The countries government plans to develop the area that GRE’s factory was located in eventually caused a forced closure but not before the company had started building another plant to handle all production.

The new factory could never be completed due to the rising burden of labor and raw materials becoming more expensive at that time and causing costs to spiral out of control. Leaving the whole project ending up as a financial disaster for the company.

At the time of closure GRE were producing some of the most intuitive scanner interfaces on the market and our hope is that Whistler will carry on this work. If their mission statement in respect to GRE is anything to go by, we can expect them to take it to the next level.

Whistler is committed to advancing state of the art technology in scanning receivers. “This is an exciting opportunity to produce quality product that keeps up with changing industry technology.

The Whistler Powerhouse

With 4 decades of producing laser products for the automotive sector, Whistler have the manufacturing base and financial clout to revive some of the models and concepts that GRE had in the pipeline before their shutdown of operations. Its going to be some time before we see any movement from the company with a timetable of early 2014 for new radio scanners to hit the stores but with so much to do to get to the production stage this could very easily be much longer.

Even if we don’t start seeing any new kit until later in 2014, it will be good to have one of the giants of the radio scanner industry bought back to life, no matter who is producing those nice shiny scanners.

I for one will be eagerly waiting to see what finally rules off Whistler’s production line, now and in the future.

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