Car Boot sales are a fair weather game, unless you happen to live near one of the huge, all year round events held across the UK (which I sadly don,t), so couldn’t wait to have a go at the first boot sale of the year last weekend and hopefully come away with something useful.

First up was an enclosed wideband radio scanner antenna that looked in a terrible state until I released it was just a thick layer of grim on the outer plastic housing. These antenna,s are made up of smaller rods (much like a discone) and its always good to give them a little shake (when buying secondhand) just to make sure there’s no bits floating around inside)

Wideband Scanner Antenna

Wideband Antenna On Temp Mount

I’m pretty sure the seller didn’t know what the antenna was and as the first price he gave was well within what I’d happily pay (even coated in a few years worth of dirt), there was no need to haggle.

Ive put the antenna up on a short mount (pictured above) just to try it out before I go to all the trouble of doing a more permanent job. I mainly want this for the very low end of the VHF band and have put out a slightly modified old CB mag mount to have something to compare the reception too.

Off Topic But So Worth Picking Up

Never missing the chance to dig through those messy boxes of cables I found this mini black and white camera. Its was in a box (not the original), missing instructions and had been well used judging by the state of the connectors.

These little cameras are great, they draw very little current, can run off 12VDC and give a composite output you can plug straight into a television.

mini black and white camera

Mini Black And White Camera

Normally I would have steered clear but the unit itself looked in good condition and being able to look at the circuit board it was clear nobody had tried to “tweak” it. Sometimes you’ve just got to take a chance and was well happy once I put some power into it to find it worked perfectly.

No idea what I’m going to do with it yet but at the price of a cup of coffee it was too good to pass up. The only thing that would have made me happier was if it was a color instead of a plain black and white model.

The Nearly Had

Also saw an old 70,s “RadioBoy” receiver but the art of haggling was a complete mystery to the seller and there was some damage to the back of the case, so I left it to its fate. If its still there next time around I may have a better go at wearing down the traders defenses 🙂

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