Whatever flavor of radio hobby you prefer, there’s no doubt that ham radio rallies are a great source of information and new or used radio gear.

As I like to get the soldering iron out now and then, for me it has to be the messy secondhand stalls that look like someones just thrown the lot from a back of a lorry and hoped for the best 🙂

Summer sun

Three Up For June 2015

If I had the time (and money) I’d happily spend most weekends traveling around the country to do as many rallies as possible. Taking camping equipment and picking some nice high ground for playing radio at each location would be a summer to remember, if only to see the look on the wife’s face as I laid out my plans 🙂

Back to reality and I have to pick 2 or 3 weekends a year that are dedicated to getting the rally bug of out my system and as luck would have it the end of June (usually) turns out to be the best.

With 3 decent sized rallies within a good distance of home it cuts down on the travel time and expense of it all.

This years 3 are….

South Lancs Summer Rallly, Bickershaw 20th June

Newbury Radio Rally, Newbury Showground 21st June

West of England Radio Rally, Frome 28th June

As the first two are on the same weekend I’m frantically searching for somewhere in between to do a quick overnight wild camping, provided the UK summer grants me the right sort of weather.

Gone to the unusual step of making a wish list of everything I’m planning to get hold of for the shack. Can’t imagine it will get completely filled but it’s better than having a mood with myself because something important was forgotten.

Fancy checking out a rally or two yourself this year?, the RSGB has a detailed list of radio rallies on their website here.

You might be in luck and find one that’s very close to your home OTH.

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