My love of all things 50Mhz (ham and TV DXing) hasn’t been throwing up that much in the way of good stuff lately and I’ve honestly got so tired of listening to static. Always happier when there’s something to listen to as I write has taken me over to the many EMS channels hosted on Broadcastify.

It used to be a regular weekend thing until other pursuits got in the way.

With many options for playing audio the website is a true browser only online feed. Channels can be listed via amount of users (always a good sign of activity) and an excellent starting point is the top feeds button on the navigation bar.


A hopeful contrast to the aggressive encryption sweeping the US is the number of official feeds that are hosted on Broadcastify by the various agencies themselves. Its not to say that a great number of scanner channels haven’t gone ‘dark’ over the last few years, but there’s still plenty of juicy stuff to listen to (even if its not in your local area).

While a lot of the audio is from the US, there’s also a good quantity from other countries around the world with some fairly active channels if you dig deep enough.

Front page for the website can be found here with the most active channels (top feeds USA) over at

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