Who says global warming is a myth!, its not very often that the temperature is high enough in October to sit around outdoors for a few hours without going to the extreme with winter clothing. Staying in has never been my thing and after taking one look at the weather last Saturday morning, I grabbed my GRE PSR-255 and was out the door like a shoot.

Up for a good walk in the sunshine took me through one of my favorite high ground spots in Redditch, where despite the town being inside a hole, there’s pretty good radio reception in most directions.


The pictures below shows the view from this little hill top and even though the weather was just about good enough to sit about with a minimal of layers, these images still make it look like it was the height of summer 🙂


Reception Report

Before I left the house there was a ham operator on 2 meters doing some great work from what must have been some high ground up in Ludlow and even though he was a no copy once I’d finally got my self down here, I had much better reception on the other stations working him.

The low power PMR446 frequencies were shockingly dead for a Saturday as there’s usually something to listen to and after an hour of checking out my list of local shop watch channels along a whole bunch of non trunked taxi frequencies I took a slow walk home.

Hoping this weather trend continues over the next week or two so I can get on a train for the chance to sit on some ground with a lot more altitude.

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