Like many scanner users I like to keep up with the latest tech by trying to buy at least 3 brand new scanners every year. Having followed this system for what seems like a very long time has left me with what can only be described as a scanner forest full of aging sets that rarely get used and sometimes boosted by the vintage scanners I see and cant help buying.

JIL SX 200 Scanner Top View

JIL SX 200 Scanner

The collection does take up a fair amount of room but a bit of forward planning (and plenty of shelving) has managed to keep them tidy and out of my good ladies field of vision so as not to be a problem. But the more I look at the collection the more it bothers me that they are all locked up denying the many other radio enthusiasts on this planet the enjoyment of using or looking at them.

Ranging from the type of scanners that needed a separate crystal for each channel up to units like the JIL SX200 pictured on this page through a whole selection of radio shack/realistic handheld clones to some more modern sets their monetary value isn’t going to buy me a villa in a warm country but would still be a tidy sum.

Decisions Decisions

The main underlying problem with cleaning house is that I really need to know that these radios are going to the right place safe in the knowledge that they will be looked after with the same care they have had under my possession even if that means ultimately ending up in someone else’s collection!.

Leaving it to the Kids

I always had the plan to pass all the lovely radios on to my children but had seriously overestimated the amount of interest/understanding they have in my lifelong hobby which is bought home by the glazing over of their eyes when trying to explain what it all does. You see from their point of view scanners and amateur radio are just the long way of doing something they can achieve instantly from any smartphone or internet enabled computer.

Whacking it All on eBay

eBay is a great resource for any hobby especially if you like to collect or need parts for vintage or secondhand electronic equipment. In all my years of buying off what is the biggest online marketplace in the world I have only been stung a few times which is good considering the amount of stuff sold there that has found its way into my collection.

I imagine it would take a few months to sell all my radios this way giving the time its going to take to pack and post each individual item. I did consider getting a complete list together with a stack of pictures and selling everything as a job lot but in my experience believe this route will yield a massive drop in money compared to selling separately.

This option seems much more attractive just thinking about the one or two radios I always wanted but never could afford and I’m sure my understanding wife would love to see all those boxes consolidated into a few slightly bigger ones 🙂

My Dream Solution

The thought of keeping the whole collection together when it does go is never far from my mind leaving the one possible solution of donating everything to some sort of radio museum either to be set up as working exhibits or just put on display. I know there are various collections on display in parts of the world but have the feeling that with so many similar models (especially the modern types) in my collection that some would have to be mothballed or sold off eventuality.

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