This low band radio came to me via an email newsletter and although the description and specifications on the manufacturers website have suffered from what looks like a hideous Chinese to English translation (which is an amusing read in itself), the radio itself looks pretty interesting.

The producer Guangzhou ComArt Communications is a name I’ve encountered once before while looking at trunking decoding, but missed this side of their business all together?

freq modulation

U4 Digital/Analog 5w Low Band Portable Radio

Digging through the staggered information on the website, I have separated out the main features of the low band handy.

Built in Bluetooth

2 Megapixel Camera for Video and Pictures

On-board GPS

2 Inch Color Screen

5 Watt Maximum Output

30-88MHz Frequency Coverage

Can be Set as a Digital Repeater

Its such a shame that the details page is a hard slog to work through and the closest I came to finding a price for this piece of radio kit was on AliexPress, where a job lot of 50 would round down to a hefty price tag of 1,500 USD a radio (really?)

You can see the original details and some pictures on the U4 Digital/Analog over at

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