A long while ago I wrote a post about a Czech air band station that was available on the ever useful WebSDR.org website and now there’s a few more to enjoy.

Its not very often I visit the front page of websdr (as I’ve saved all my favorite SDR feeds as bookmarks), but a quick look this afternoon while on the hunt for newer stations shows additional air band feeds ready to use.

A380 Eye Candy

A380 Eye Candy

There’s a nice spread too (geographically speaking) with VHF air band coverage around some very busy international airports.

I’ve listed the individual bookmarks below to save you some grunt work, but if you have the time please visit the Main Website to see if there’s anything else that your interested in. This is an amazing hobby radio resource that should get as much attention/promotion as humanly possible 🙂

Santiago city, Chile

Warsaw, Poland

Grande Florianópolis, Brazil

Cherepovets City, Russia

São Paulo, Brazil


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