After coaxing one of the older computers in my office to give me a version 2.0 USB port, it only seemed right to get another S.D.R dongle setup on it. The computer was capable of high speed USB but had been seriously neglected recently and a series of multi-boot operating system installs had taken their toll.

A good clean of the hard drive, a little work in the registry and some new drivers did the job, making a second software defined radio setup possible. Did try to get two dongles on a single computer but its a little buggy, mainly because the processor can’t handle the load from both dongles and the bloated windows operating system (should have used Linux).

new RTL2832U SDR dongle

No upconverter with this dongle (yet), so I’ve been testing it on the VHF airband. Not one for tacking more than one radio onto the same antenna, its being feed from a small (borrowed) airband discone, just until I managed to put something proper outside.

Really thinking about building my next upconvertor, provided its not going to be a marathon and can be completed quickly. There’s some very good circuits available online and I’m pretty sure I already have nearly all the parts needed.

Good Results

For all the zero planning and hast in getting this S.D.R up and going, its doing well with received signals at almost the same strength as my main airband scanner. Even with the standard SDR# software it looks like this one is going to walk all over the other S.D.R dongle I’ve got on the go.

Really surprised at this as their the exact same type?, must spend a little time this weekend and go over the antenna and computer the first S.D.R is running on.

That USB 2.0 Thing

Software defined radio dongles refuse to run on slower USB ports and I do wonder how many people miss (or choose to ignore) the min USB specs, then spend forever and a day trying to get the thing working?

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