No amount of creative antenna installation at the home QTH is a substitute for a great bit of altitude when using radio scanners, which is why climbing and the hobby go together so well. The one thing that spending days (and nights) on mountains brings is an abundance of moisture, either through low cloud or those all year round downpours that can easily drench a fully clothed human in a few minutes.

Llyn Gwynant

Not one to let the rainy season keep me indoors too much its always been a mission to make sure all the expensive electronics are in the same condition on the journey home as they were when packed for the trip.

Having a finger in most sides of the radio hobby the usual radio gear for an overnighter on a mountain consists of scanner, shortwave receiver and at least 2 CB’s (CB is the one thing the my wife Michelle will use), so a fair amount to keep dry.

Past Fatalities

There have been the odd casualty along the way with a portable shortwave receiver completely getting soaked and although it came back to life after a week drying out, the LCD display was never the same. Then there was Michelle’s digital camera that got trashed along with an old Bearcat scanner but that was after I fell into a pond while walking, in my defense I was dealing with the thickest fog I’d even seen 🙂

Purpose Built

In the past Ive used basic resealable plastic bags but these can sometimes get split in a rucksack and the holes aren’t easily spotted or fixed. Doubling up does help but you just can’t get around the fact that their pretty fragile to start with.

So with the rainy camping season well and truly in full swing the plan this year is to get something that’ll stop me panicking every time the sky falls in. Going on past events it seems the best bet would to have the radios in something that can stand being totally submerged instead of just able to resist a little moisture or water and the solution could come from underwater photography.

Case are made that let you use cameras and phones in a few meters of water to take pictures. Not sure if I’d purposely use an expensive piece of electronics underwater but if their good for a few meters of depth they should do a great job, even if I take another swim this year.

They aren’t cheap but considering how much we pay for our radio gear, how quickly water can trash it and how this type of case could stop me worrying when tramping about in the rain, its got to be worth it.

Everything looks good on paper but I won’t be happy until Ive given it a test so a small version is on its way. If it does the job I’ll measure up all the usual camping radio gear so they’ll all be fitted out before the weather gets very wet.

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