I’m sure its been mentioned on this blog that my current home location is far from ideal when trying to listen to any frequencies above 30 MHz. Even though the part of the country I live in is generally flat, most of the hills that do exist are closer to me than I’d like.

With North, South directions completely blocked and the West only partially useful, no matter what type of antenna I put up (and I’ve tried plenty), its been a little frustrating over the last few years but all that’s about to change 🙂

view from hill in warwickshire

The Sort of View I’m Looking for at the New Location

Upgrading My Location

There’s a house move on the cards and although my partner will have a long list of things she wants in the new house, you can be sure that a location that has a good bit of altitude is right at the top of mine. Now the very hills that have crapped all over my hobby for so long are being searched for a new place to live.

Luckily there’s a lot of housing on a nice long stretch of hill that has excellent all round views, so there has to be something suitable even by my beautiful woman’s standards (hopefully).

If I was living on my own this radio hole would have been left far behind by now and this move has been a long time coming.

So Worth the Effort

Moving house is a total nightmare and although we’ve got the process down to a fine art, its still preferably to staying in this poor location any longer.

No more will I have to drag myself up to high ground just to get the most out of my scanners and instead have the option to veg out at home surrounded by all my favorite toys 🙂

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