You know that almost electric shock of surprise when you stumble across something that’s completely passed you by but should be on your radar somewhere. My interest in the tolerance of radio scanner use at sporting/entertainment events is all based around debunking the myth that everybody who owns one is ‘up to no good’.

A while ago I starting following how scanners are used at NASCAR events and the way frequencies of drivers, pits and other race enhancing information is openly available, along with the many small and cheap radio scanners made that are tailored to these events.

FanVision NASCAR Controller 2016

FanVision 2016 NASCAR Controller

You can See More Details on the 2016 FanVision NASCAR Controller Over at

Now it seems (unknown to me and in operation for some time) there’s also a service that streams video of the day to a purpose built handheld TV type device.

Reading through the information in the sales listing shows that trying to avoid buyer mistakes must be right at the forefront of their mind because there are multiple references to the fact that this device needs to be at the track before its of any use.

Imagine the disappointed and rage if you thought this was a ‘use anywhere’ device only to find out you actually had to be there on the day 🙂

This is a subscription service (isn’t everything), but once you’ve got the unit and splashed out on the ‘airtime’ your good for the season.

Fanvision Technical Aspects

The transmission is DVB-T based and operates in the UHF range. The interesting side of the whole setup is that a team is place at each event to control and edit what gets sent to the unit.

With multiple channels comes the chance to choose from different views as the race progresses along with race data fed into the Fanvision TV.

Replacing Radio Scanner Use at NASCAR events?

The price of a radio scanner is less than a Fanvsion season package even if you go for one of the more budget general models not aimed at the market over a stripped down basic scanner purpose built with NASCAR in mind.

That said though, passion can override money easily and with all the extra information and the visual side of this unit, it may appeal to some more than the audio only that a radio scanner can provide.

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