I’ve been watching hamradiogiude.net grow steadily for a while now and still think the concept is a solid one. If your familiar with rigpix.com then you’ll instantly get into this website.

With the main idea being listings (and details) of equipment from all sides of hobby radio, they’ve created an uncluttered graphic that shows rig, antennas and accessories specs at a glance.


Sounding good so far? , the other interesting feature is a price guide on the radio equipment that’s taken from sales made on a number of websites. There’s a lot of ham radio content, but this doesn’t mean that there isn’t also a good mix of CB and radio scanners listed. Pricing is also nice as this gives a guide when selling or buying used radio gear.

A Place to Buy/Sell

They also have a place where you can sell your own kit (looking a bit empty at the time of writing though) and I’m sure this section will further help drive the price information the site uses.

The website is very simplistic in design but this only helps to bring the raw information to the forefront with the tables allowing for a quick compression between radios (loads very fast too).

From the information given on the site they seem to be in for the long haul and I hope to see the website grow over time to a big database of gear with a huge amount of secondhand radio ‘stuff’ sold through the private listings.

You can take a look at how the website is doing by jumping over to hamradioguide.net

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