Batteries are the one downfall of operating portable RF equipment and although the past 10 years has seen some major advances, there’s always room for improvement. Moving on from Ni-Cad to Ni-mh seems like ancient history now we’re pushing the boundaries with lithium polymer power cells.

NASA Prototype Lithium Polymer Battery

Back In The Day – NASA Prototype Lithium Polymer Battery

Impact Power Technologies
are making great strides in producing a battery that keeps E.M.S radio gear running that much longer. By using this years International Wireless Communications Expo (Las Vegas Convention Center, March 16-20) as a launch platform they are putting the new tech right in front on the very people who need it most.

Their new Li-Po cells look capable of delivering a 30 hour+ run time for VHF/UHF hand portables but we’re not sure what sort of duty cycle this involves.

Everyone Wins

Although batteries made by Impact are primarily designed for the E.M.S side of portable communications, any advancement is good news for us all. As the batteries become cheaper and more importantly more effective, every side of the radio hobby benefits.

For the enthusiast IWCE gives a firm glimpse into what we can be expecting in the way of radio tech in the near future (at least from the professional side of the market).

If your interested in what’s happening at the IWCE this year, you can find their website here.

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