Christmas is a confusing time of year around our house as I’m the only one with radio as a hobby and no one has a clue what to get me. For years now there hasn’t been any of that Christmas morning feeling of the unknown because if I want the annual new piece of radio gear then I have to pick it myself.

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Don’t get me wrong they’re more than interested to see what obscure black box has been added to the collection of radios and will even stick around for a quick demonstration but that’s as far as it goes.

There used to be a time when I would get asked about what I was planning to get but fearing the possibility of getting trapped in a lengthy technical discussion this just doesn’t happen anymore. Its much easier to break away once I have the object and want to use it more than talk about it.

Its going to interesting this year as Ive managed to convince most of our relatives that money IS an acceptable Christmas present in these circumstances. The only problem with this approach is not knowing how much the kitty will amount to and having to wait until after the holidays to go buy something shiny.

It’s All Good Though

This way of doing things does have its advantages though depending on where the radio is being bought from, with the new year sales making every bodies generosity go that much further.

When the euphoria has worn off and the kids are back staring at the world over the top of a mobile phone Ive still got something to look forward to.

From the other radio enthusiasts I know this is more common than you’d think with one persons hobby remaining a complete mystery to everybody they live with. It on occasional make me a little envious of the husband and wife teams I meet now and then who both have a massive interest in radio as a pastime.

So if any of my family read this (doubtful considering the blogs about radios), your understanding is most appreciated and don’t worry I’m perfectly fine with not getting a present on Christmas morning 🙂

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