With new technology pushing forward the evolution of radio scanners any new product release is seriously anticipated by scanner enthusiasts and the details that Uniden have made public on the BCD436HP look to be a game changer especially when its comes to the trunking side of our hobby.

The one welcome feature the BCD436HP brings to the table is the APCO Phase II trunking mode as a lot of systems are rapidly changing over to the new protocol with most users left out unless your lucky enough to have a GRE model that supports it. GRE where making the move forward with this mode before it all went wrong for the company and hopefully 2014 will see some great products from the Whistler Group, the outfit who have all but taken over the GRE brand.

Uniden do tend to go all out as their new product release date gets closer and I’m sure we’ll get a lot more information from them nearer the event. We will be keeping this page updated as and when more detail become available.

Update : The NEW Uniden BCD536HP Mobile Scanner is now available from Amazon

Update : The NEW Uniden BCD436HP Handheld Scanner is now available from Amazon

Uniden BCD436HP Handheld Quick Specs

  • A Complete Ready to go List of Canada and USA Radio Systems Stored on 4 GB microSD Memory Card
  • Fitted with Uniden’s Always Useful Close Call Function
  • Generous Sized Display
  • APCO Project 25 Phase I/Phase II, Motorola, EDACS, X2-TDMA, and LTR Accessible via the TrunkTracker V System
  • Channels can be Defined through Zip Code and GPS Location
  • Reprogram the Front Panel to Suit your Listening Needs
  • 8 Hours Run Time from 3 AA Batteries
  • Filter Out Unwanted Transmissions with the Temporary Avoid Function

For more details on what we can expect from this new Uniden scanner here is a video previewing the product from the company themselves.

There is a fair bit of filler in this video press release with the good stuff starting about 9 minutes in (don’t want you falling asleep before you get to see this new radio).

Uniden BCD536HP Mobile Scanner

As with other Uniden products this new release comes in the handheld and mobile version with all the same features apart from the mobile set having the addition of a remote control smart phone app called Siren.

Smarts phones are now being used to control many devices around the house with almost every new wireless music player having the option so including this exciting feature in a scanner just seems like a natural progression.

Short range control is possible be connecting the smartphone directly to the scanner working on the WiFi system which will give access to the scanner from any more in the house. Longer range control requires an internet connection but once wired up this way will allow you to have complete control over the BCD536HP from anywhere you can use the internet on your smartphone.

Information isn’t perfectly clear on this side of the scanner yet but with these two Uniden models due to hit the stores in January 2014 its likely we will hear more soon. If this new scanner is everything it looks to be on paper we might be raiding the penny jar to get ourselves a shiny new scanner.

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