We’ve finally got around to starting up a YouTube account for ScannerHeaven after playing around with uploading videos from the other radio websites in the group.

The channel is looking at little empty at the moment with only a video of my beloved JIL SX 200 but you can be sure we have plenty of ideas in the pipeline for videos including vintage scanners in action to tutorials on using some of the massive amounts of radio software available.

jilsx200 radio scanner video picture

Now Showing On YouTube – Clunky Vintage Scanners

The tutorials need some sort of decent computer screen recording software, which is proving more difficult than you’d think. After exhausting all the free options, nothing has come up to scratch. Some are easy to use with great features but the final quality of the video isn’t good enough and the rest are a total nightmare.

Currently looking at paid software by first working through those that offer a free trail, don’t really want to pay for software that turns out to be unsuitable for our needs.

Future Competition Plans

It’s been a successful few months for this website. with traffic and visitors really picking up after Christmas. This boost means we are now in a position to start running competitions where the prizes will be radio scanner related products 🙂

As with everything online, ideas are often loaded down with a huge dollop of legality. Our main problem is that competitions have to be handled in a certain way to stay on the right side of the law.

Once everything is correct and we’re sure all the details are above board and nothing can come back on us, we’ll get going.

Country selection will have to be kept to a minimum because the radio scanner products will be shipped straight from a retailer. It’s likely only those in the UK and United States will be able to take part in the competition as the logistics of getting the prizes out will be easy.

This also means all the shipping and any returns will be handled by someone else, if you’ve ever sold on a auction website like eBay you’ll have an understanding of how time consuming that process can be.

Competition Entry Conditions

Apart from being in the selected counties to take part in the competition entrants will have to be signed up to our newsletter. This helps us keep tabs on exactly what’s going on as making the prizes available to the entire internet will be a logistics nightmare we’re nowhere near equipped to handle (yet) 🙂

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