Yep, I’ve had to add another screen to my collection just so I can have all my ‘stuff’ running at the same time. The change came after trying to do 2 things on one monitor meant the switching between windows was really starting to get on my nerves.

As the new screen didn’t have to be anything special, I wasn’t going to pay a lot for it and fell very lucky in one of the local secondhand shops with a half decent Dell monitor for £20 (complete with power and VGA leads).

Line Up and Uses

Screen 1: Online SDR and for watching DVD’s

Screen 2: Gaming and Processing my Go Pro Videos

Screen 3: All my website work is done on this along with keeping tabs on social media

Screen 4: HF/VHF data-modes (PSK, SSTV etc)

Screen 5: (the new one) This is actually connected to a old Dell base unit running Windows XP because I have a lot of radio software that newer versions of Windows laughs at.

I also like to write code (Java, Visual Basic, C++) and its great to just have it sat uninterrupted on its own monitor (for obvious reasons this computer is not connected to the Internet!).

I’m pretty sure that’s it now as even with a stretch of the imagination, there can’t be any need for another computer/screen unless another CPU intensive hobby comes my way 🙂

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