In the process of looking for some PC software that would decode and display the new ADS-B Flight tracking data on a world map, I happened across the very thing I wanted but in the form of an online service at

The whole site is community fed and if your up for adding data to the project there are clear instructions on the hardware and software needed to get this going. There’s also a solid forum on the go where you can fill your boots not only on the technical side of plane tracking and also a huge amount of information about the planes themselves.




Clicking a plane on the map brings up all the usual information you’d expect (position, heading, speed, destination etc) and most of the time some nice pictures of the plane itself. As I’m only just branching out into the plane tracking scene, I’ve no idea if the software used on this website is a package that’s available commercially or something they’ve constructed themselves.

The interface is all point ‘n’ click and easy enough to find your way around. If you’ve already used some sort of plane tracking software, it will be quick to get going.

What ever you do don’t scroll right out on the map too quickly because it hugely increases the amount of planes being tracked, creates massive lag and plays havoc with the webpage even over a decent broadband connection.

Keep things tight then move the map to an area on the world that interests you and it should be fine.

Radio and Web Combined

Spent over an hour today finding and tracking police helicopters from across the UK (these are easily identified by their call signs even without the aircraft data this website displays).

Haven’t got that much time this week although the weekends looking good for a crack at firing up the JIL SX200 scanner to have a go at tracking some commercial aircraft via the web and their normal ATC radio transmissions 🙂

All the information about the tracking service can be found over at

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