We all pay a lot for our portable radio gear and would like to keep it looking its best for as long as possible, there’s nothing more annoying than trying to see whats going on with a handheld scanner through a damaged or scratched screen. Handheld scanners are at their best when used on the move and you can really multiply the amount of received transmissions by walking with them on hills and mountains.

Even though today’s radio scanners are more rugged than ever the very nature of the technology makes them vulnerable to the elements and accidental impact damage. Protecting your radio scanner can be difficult just using the stock cases that can come with many new sets, as the don’t have the required amount of cushioning to prevent any drop damage.

FlexARMOR Handheld Radio Carrying Case with Durable Neoprene

FlexARMOR Radio Scanner Case
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The FlexARMOR cases are made from neoprene with a generous amount of cushioning to give your scanner a nice safe environment and help prevent any damage.

The inside lining of these cases is the standard non scratch material used on phone and camera cases leaving your precious radio held firmly without the possibility of scratching the screen or rubbing the case. The same construction goes into the full range of these case which are designed to protect other high value items.

Safe Scanner Carrying

The cases are fitted with the dual options of a belt hoop or a metal carabiner to safely attach the FlexARMOR case to you and giving peace of mind that your scanner will be exactly where it should be next time you want to use it.

The quick release Velcro flap allows you to get at your radio simply and easily without having to deal with any straps or buttons with the case constructed in a way to make removing your scanner a single hand operation.

FlexARMOR Handheld Radio Carrying Case with Durable Neoprene wearing 1

FlexARMOR Radio Scanner Case

The case isn’t designed with any one scanner in mind and will accept most radios as long as their dimensions do not exceed 4.8 x 3 x 1.8 inches, this pretty much covers a wide range of new and old radio scanners but have a good measure of the set you wish to use with this case before purchase, just to be sure of compatibility.

Smaller radio scanners may leave room in the case for accessories or batteries but try not to be tempted to pack too much in. By giving the scanner something else to rub against (and cause possible damage) your taking away the whole reason for the case in the first place.

FlexARMOR cushioned cases are produced for use with many types of portable personal electronic items and are a cost effective way of keeping expensive and shiny kit looking like new.

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