Discone antennas offer many advantages for the radio scanner user, with their very wideband operating frequency these antennas will give a good response and reception across a huge section of the RF spectrum.

Discones are given a wideband profile by using many different separate antenna lengths to make up a complete Discone, designing an antenna this way allows one antenna to be used effectively with a wideband scanner.

Centerfire Antenna Deluxe Discone

Centerfire Antenna Deluxe Discone

Centerfire Deluxe Discone (Ham bands transmit)
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With a frequency range of 40mhz right up 1.3ghz this wideband Discone will also transmit on the 144 and 430 MHz amateur bands.

Its does lose a bit on the lower end with useability ending around 40mhz but is rated for operation on the ham VHF/UHF bands, making it a good one antenna solution for a simple amateur/scanner setup.

The only choice for a scanner user who wants to cover a frequency range of 25mhz to 1ghz is to employ individual antennas for each segment of the radio spectrum they wish to monitor.

As well as the receive side of Discone they can also be used to transmit on many frequency’s but do not give the same performance as a dedicated antenna designed and tuned to the frequency of the transmitter being used.

Scanner and Amateur Radio WideBand Stainless Steel Discone

discone antenna 1

Wideband Discone (Ham bands transmit)
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A 25mhz to 1.3ghz wideband receiving Discone with the option to use this antenna to transmit on selected amateur radio bands (144/220/430/900mhz). This is the classic discone design and covers the sections of the radio spectrum that interest the majority of scanner user.

The stainless steel construction fairs well against the elements and will ensure many years of use when mounted outside.

Sirio SD 3000 N 300 MHz-3 GHz Discone

Sirio SD 3000 N Discone

Sirio SD 3000 N Discone
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A bit more of a specialist Discone the Sirio has an effective range starting at 300mhz and extending far into the microwave bands all the way to 3ghz.

With transmission options in the amateur bands at 340/545/1180/1660/1980mhz this is a highly specialized piece of radio equipment and as such there is a premium in the price over a standard discone antenna.

Quality Scanner Antenna Coax

50ft RG8x Coax uhf

50ft RG8x Coax UHF (PL259) Male/Male 50 ohm Antenna Cable
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If your going to all the trouble of purchasing and installing a shiny new Discone its essential to feed it with some high quality coax cable, this is especially important if you intend to use the antenna for use with a transmitter.

50 foot of high quality 50 ohm coax with the standard connectors already on each end, ready to go straight out of the box.

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