Never really embracing social media like some people I know doesn’t mean that I avoid it completely. Not a day goes by without me using Twitter or Facebook, but the one social network I may never truly work out is Google Plus.

Yeah, I get the whole idea behind what seems to be the lasting project from Google (for a change), its just the mechanics of how the social platform actually works that will probably always elude me. This hasn’t stopped me from trying though and one of the aspects that interests me is the Google communities side of things.

Social Media

If you’ve never used them, imagine them as mini blogs with subjects covering almost anything you could think of and it comes as no surprise that there’s more than a few aimed at the various radio hobbies.

The Google Plus Communities I Spend my Time on

Being a total convert on SDR and the whole radio software scene, the first 2 in this short list are focused nicely on that subject. Software defined radio (SDR) is a massive area of our hobby (and growing all the time) and that’s before you throw in all the other ‘enhancements’ we enjoy because of cheap/free open source software.

Flex Radio SDR


The other G+ page of note (and one I’ve only recently followed) has a lot of The info posted to it, which is nicely broken up by content from its many followers. You’ll find plenty of commercial antennas along with a heap of peoples home brew projects.

Ham Radio Antennas

Narrowing the Field

The strange side of google plus (as with anything that’s put online) is creating enough interest for people to not only keep coming back but also partake and add content themselves.

Its common to come across G+ pages that have a decent amount of followers but all the posting in done by only a handful of them. Although there’s lots of reasons why these pages keep going (some of them are very boring), it creates a sort of closed environment where the whole promise of vibrant social media has been bought down to a fairly narrow selection of views.

Finding the busiest page on the subject your interested in with a good deal of its members posting on a regular basis, is the way to go.

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