All scanner enthusiasts have a limited range when listening to VHF and UHF frequencies because all these signals work on the line of site rule and if you cant “see” the transmitting station then you are unlikely to hear it.

Extra height at your receiving station will greatly extend this range but ultimately the curvature of the earth wins in the end.

But thanks to the power of the internet we are able to listen to local transmissions absolutely free from all over the world by tapping into live audio feeds online.

Whats Available

Emergency Services

Feeds from many different countries mean that unless you speak a wide range of languages then most will not be of interest to you but if we look at the English language feed alone then the U.S.A has great coverage on police, fire and other emergency services with dedicated scanners following many trunked services and feeding them into one audio output for us to listen to.

The UK is lacking in emergency service feeds as most of these signals are now carried by a fully encrypted system called TETRA and not available to scanner users.

Amateur Radio

With ham radio repeater feeds and scanners set up to monitor simplex and calling channels there are a huge amount of these feeds to keep you happy if this is your listening preference.


Listening to aircraft has always been a very popular side of the scanner hobby and using these audio feeds gives you the chance to listen to more than just your local airport with many feeds from around the world.

Where to Listen to Scanner Audio Feeds

There are hundreds of these audio feed sites on the internet but to save searching through them all you can find a huge list of these scanner feeds that have been bundled together by a very impressive website located at

Feeds are separated by country which can be selected from the main menu then you can select areas in that country you want to listen to with many areas having more than one feed.

Depending on the time in the part of the world where the feed is coming from there may not be a lot of activity but each feed shows the number of people using it so looking for a high number of listeners will land you on a audio feed with a good deal of transmissions.

Another good feature for finding something good to listen to is the top listeners link right at the top of the page, this is the audio feed that has the most amount of people logged onto it so you are guaranteed plenty of activity.

All the audio can be played by using a web based player with no download required and once you have selected the feed your interested in you can close the main website and just leave the audio player in its own minimized tab while you listen to the feed.

As the site is fully set up for use on mobile phones and even offers apps for use with smart phones you will be able to listen to all these scanner feeds no matter where you are and its great for keeping a check on whats going on in your home location when you are away.

The site is very easy to navigate and after spending a few minutes getting used to the menu system you will be listening to scanner audio from across the world.

Adding your own Scanner Feed

If you fancy adding your own scanner feed to the amazing resource your going to need a 24/7 always on internet connection along with some very basic hardware and software. From the main page menu go Broadcast > Broadcast Feed for more information.

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