Being a self-confessed technology addict the internet can be a dangerous and expensive place for me. Don’t get me wrong I’m not one of those hoarders who squirrels away large boxes of faulty radios because they have “sentimental value” because that would be crazy right?

nuclear explosionNo my one main problem is with all the new radio gear that is produced every year and I always try to question a new purchase be telling myself that the shiny thing on the computer screen is no better than anything I already have or could build in a reasonable amount of time but usually give in to the tech animal inside me and buy it anyway.

Lovely New Tech

You see scanners used to be simply and we accepted the standard spot frequencies and scanning functions which meant a new model was only better by a increased amount of frequency coverage and receive modes. All good til some cleaver person decided that we really needed trunking scanners (a bad time for me).

But the real problem is I have to keep on top of whats happening in the industry for my own enjoyment and as a source of content for this website, those manufacturer newsletter emails full of shiny new kit make my problem with eBay (love vintage radio too) almost an afterthought. Email marketing is a great way to drum up business without all the hassle of hoping someone finds your website through search engines and companies devote a fair bit of time making them look inviting.

The Solution?

With constant self-control an outside possibility the only other solutions I see to this problem are :

1. Total collapse of the internet (unlikely)
2. Bad credit rating (maybe)
3. Total lack of money (much closer than I would care to admit)

No Help at Home

Any hope that my partner understands the inner turmoil as I guide my mouse cursor toward my email inbox is shattered by the memory of statements like “why do you have so many radios, you can’t listen to them all at once”. I almost broke my vow of an easy life one day and screamed at her “same reason your shoe collection is so big” but the fear of divorce and having to move all my radio gear sealed my mouth shut and I only managed to produce a semi menacing grunt.

So here I sit in my tidy radio shack surrounded by all my vintage shortwave receivers, trunking scanners, CB radio, amateur radio transceivers and surely now my life is complete and I need for nothing?

Oh wait a minute what the hell is software defined radio 😛


Nuclear explosion photo courtesy Wikipedia

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