Its almost Christmas and instead of dwelling what presents we’ll end up with (at less not yet), I thought it might be a good time to lay down my scanner predictions for 2015. If anything it’ll be a laugh to look back at the end of next year and see how far off the mark I was 🙂

the thrid eye

USA Encryption

Decided to start off with a dire topic then jolly up the rest of this post as we go along.

After a big change in the way some EMS services in the states serve up their transmissions with many switching over to encryption, I can see a lot more areas making the move in 2015 because of 2 majors factors

1. Apart from much protest by private individuals and the media who have relied so much on the information radio scanners supply, there’s been very little anybody has been able to stop encryption.

Once the row has calmed down a bit more, other areas won’t feel so pressured into not making the move and unfortunately I believe the process will be greatly accelerated throughout next year.

2. Despite what we as radio scanner enthusiasts feel about this side of our hobby being taken away, those who ultimately make the call have many valid reason for wanting a completely “dark” EMS radio network.

New Radios

Really don’t see much in the way of brand new scanners coming from Uniden in 2015 as I think they’ll ride of the release of the BCD536HP and BCD436HP for a while. Not sure if Yaesu are going to surprise us at some point if they can shift their focus away from the ham transceiver market long enough.

On the other hand I have a feeling that Whistler will send us some more new scanners next year but think they’ll be more middle of the road models than the five they’ve made this year.

Software Defined Radio

With S.D.R scanners taking a lot less production than the full blown versions there could be a few interesting cheap standalone scanner products next year that will offer more simplicity than the current entry level RTL dongles.

This route seems to be going well in the shortwave section of our hobby with a few fully cased S.D.R pieces of equipment doing the rounds.

Time Will Tell

I’ll keep this page updated in case something else comes to mind before Christmas then come back in 12 months to check if any of this happened.

Not so much a prediction but the way things are heading is how much more high ground radio scanner trips I seem to be making at the moment. The winter has cut them back a little but the craziness and the endurance side of my wild camping seems to be taking a back seat lately as it’s more about getting up a mountain with a scanner (might be getting old at last).

If this carries on I predict making special trips next year to take advantage of some extreme altitudes.

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2 Responses to Radio Scanner Predictions For 2015

  1. npd1969 says:

    I bought a BCD 436HP last summer via Ham Radio Outlet. There is a learning curve will learning and understanding it to operate the way I want it. Just entering the zip code and it runs is a great option for the newer users. It did find and display broadcasts that I was unaware of like med-coms in the 462-468 Mhz range in my area. I did purchase a leather case to protect it. I also purchased a copy of ARC x36. My area had a new Phase II system going online a few weeks back, but its completely encrypted with only one talk group so far. El Paso County Sheriff’s office, Texas.

    • On Channel says:

      Glad you’ve got your head around the BCD 436HP and have at least some EMS trunking to listen to, its a lovely piece of kit and hopefully we,ll see some more of the same from Uniden soon.

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