A new dimension has been added to watching racing in recent years with the ability to get behind the scenes information by listening in to the race officials, pit crews and the drivers themselves. With undemanding frequencies most radio scanner are able to pick up the track side transmissions but there have been some models produced that are design solely for the use at such events as NASCAR.

Radio scanner technology has reached a level where even budget models give good performance on the receiver side of things and as your going to be well within range of the transmissions at an event this little scanner will easily do the job.

Radioshack NASCAR Radio Scanner

Radioshack NASCAR Radio Scanner

Quick Specs

  • Frequency coverage 450 to 470 MHz
  • Scan steps 6.25 kHz
  • Scan rate 40 channels per second
  • Preloaded frequencies (See Below for details)
  • Dimensions : 1.4 x 2.7 x 4.5 inches
  • Weight : 1.1 pounds
  • Shipped with ear buds and belt clip
  • Preloaded scanners save so much time setting them up and as any racing scanner should this one come with frequencies the Sprint Cup, Indy Lights, ARCA, IRL, Nationwide Series etc already installed.

    Should there be any last minute changes to frequencies they can easily be corrected on the day by using the memory edit function.

    See Customer Reviews, Full Specs and Pricing for the Radioshack NASCAR Scanner Here

    The race handy comes with a set of ear buds but in our experience these aren’t the best when dealing with the noise from the crowd or track, they deliver enough volume but are poor at filtering out surrounding noise. Wiring this radio up to a quality pair of canned headphones is a much better way to go.

    Dedicated or Fully Fledged Scanner

    Scanners like this Radio shack model are designed with the single task of being used track side and offer a level of simplicity that’s ideal for the less technical radio user. Unfortunately this simplicity leaves a scanner that only covers a chunk of spectrum around 70cm but just the right frequency for NASCAR events.

    This does make them limited to be used for anything else but as they’re priced around the $40 mark with a big cost saving over a wider coverage scanner they could be an economic solution if you’ve no interest in the radio scanner hobby outside of race days.

    One other side of using this scanner at events (even if you own others) is the safety factor. Crowded places are always a risk with people more than happy to take your things and using a cheap scanner like this instead of something costing $300 does go some way to limit potential loss either through theft or damage.

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