Not being one for new years resolutions I prefer to make a list of where things I would like to go each year with the radio scanner hobby. Much depends on available finances and time but all the same it’s good to have a plan to work towards even if it’s always a little rough at the beginning.

Here’s what the list looked like on the 1st of January along with any progress made in making each one a reality.

February calendar

1. Tidy Up Outside Antennas

Why have one scanner antenna when you can have ten and what’s the point of taking one down when putting something better up.

These sentiments have resulted in a large antenna farm spouting from the outside of the house which looks slightly suspect unless you know what their all being used for. On top of that my partner has moved on from subtle hints about the antennas to a menacing face of death if I even mention them.


Taken down the most accessible ones I don’t use anymore and once the weather gets a little warming will have a go at the rest. The plan is to be left with one for VHF and mil airband, a wideband discone and a large wideband directional beam which will be going up this summer.

I imagine the beam is going to take a fair amount of negotiation with the wife as the one I have in mind needs at least a small tower to work properly, bring on the face of death 🙂

2. Start Offloading Surplus Scanners

I’m a sucker for vintage radio equipment and have amassed more than a few scanners over the years which are doing nothing but gathering dust. Some do get a run out now and then if only for a trip down memory lane but they aren’t getting used to anywhere near their full potential.

I’d rather see them getting used by another radio enthusiast than slowly rotting away and it’s going to free up a whole lot of space in the house.


Split the scanners into collectables (never going), usable (to be sold) and the dross (most likely be binned). Manged to pass off almost half of the usable scanners at this point and the dross has nearly all gone.

Haven’t done anything with the collectables yet as they’ll all need powering up, checking and a good clean before they get stored back away (going to take a while).

3. Spend More Time Using Scanners Portable

Getting round that horrible line sight barrier that using a radio scanner involves has produced some great radio traffic in the past and this years all about getting up those hills and mountains as much as possible.

Last year seemed to shoot by and despite some perfect climbing and camping weather, I really missed a lot of opportunities for scanners and some altitude.


Got a bug out kit together to take advantage of short notice trips even if their to the local hills. Working from home still makes demands on my time but its a lot less regulated than having a traditional job and this year I fully intend to make the most of “quiet periods”.

4. Buy A Full On Handheld Scanner

Its been a long time since I had an up to date scanner for use when camping etc and mainly resisted buying one because some of our wild camping trips can get very messy and didn’t want to ruin an expensive piece of radio kit.

After spending what must have been ages checking out ways to ensure full waterproofing I’m now happy that a new scanner will survive all but me taking a serious fall (happens every so often).


Despite having nearly all the money together I still can’t decide between the Whistler WS1080 model or Uniden’s BCD436HP!.

With summer fast approaching and the time when any shiny new scanner is going to get a proper road test, I’m planning to get hold of these handhelds for a little play before parting with any cash.

5. Write More For This Website

The rate of work for this website died off a little towards the end of 2014, making everything seem like it was grinding to a halt. The blame has to put firmly on myself because of a bad habit of starting new projects and neglecting exiting one’s while doing it.


Managed to do the unthinkable and give up a bunch of new websites I’d created towards the end of last year. This wasn’t easy as even though they don,t cost a great deal to get started, the time put in has been wasted and I really dislike wasting time (not getting any younger).

Some of the more advanced websites were giving away to people I know and one had enough work done on it to have some value so it got sold. A nail biting time was had but with only a handful of websites left and a strong resolution not to build anymore till 2016, it feels really good to be unburdened 🙂

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