Scouting around YouTube for radio scanner videos throws up a whole load of people testing and generally showing off their new radio kit, but nestled in between this are some nice clips featuring scanners of the more vintage type.

Being at a loose end a few days ago, I actually managed to sit still long enough to watch a whole stack of these (I know, amazing!). It really brings it home when your poked in the brain matter just enough to realize how many radio scanners you’ve owned over the years and many of the videos included at less one radio that’s passed through my hands at some point (still can’t remember what happened to most of them though!).

Bearcat 80XLT

Its a shame to think that my Bearcat 80XLT was stripped down and used in a transceiver project, thats what happens when radio scanners are so cheap to buy secondhand that they make great spare parts!

RCA 4 Channel Crystal Scanner

Before we had the ease of use that synthesized receivers throw our way, everything was run on individual crystals for each separate channel. Imagine having to find a specific crystal just to listen to a new frequency on your radio scanner (nightmare).

This one is battery powered and gives a massive choice of 4 channels at UHF 🙂

Regency Vintage Crystal ‘Monitoradio’

Recency were the grand daddies of police scanners and produced a staggering quantity of radios across the many models they released. Like so much of early scanner tech they worked in the same way the RCA crystal controlled scanner does above, meaning extending the coverage meant adding more channels and ‘slots’ to the radios.

This mass production means you can still find well looked after models going pretty cheap and while they don’t measure up to the versatility of modern radio scanners, they’re a thing of beauty and a nice addition to any radio scanner collection.

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