Never one to strip out the guts of household electronics before I’ve had a good bash at trying to fix them, it looks like that routine has saved a little gem from oblivion.

The TV pictured below wouldn’t see any input from the SCART and with no remote it was a nightmare to work out the menu system, just from the limited buttons on the front panel.

Hikona TV Menu System

Hikona TV Menu System

Sorry about the bad picture, but if you’ve ever tried to take a picture of a television well its on you’ll know the problems 🙂

Will Only Go So Far

Normally TV’s get the once over and are junked if the faults are in the power supply or a less than ideal screen but once I’d got the manual tuning working I realized this set tunes right down to 38MHZ, perfect for DX TV.

The SCART problem was down to a few broken pins on the connector. This TV spent a few years having SCART leads changed over all the time and even though the connector block is held down pretty good, there’s still enough movement to wear and break the pins down over time.

Good to get the SCART side working even though its not totally essential for the DX TV side of things.

Setting Up and Testing

Managed to get some of the channels tuned and stored to the correct frequencies around 50Mhz but its slow work. Could really do with a remote and if the TV looks like it will be a winner for TV DX, I’ll have to find a replacement remote from somewhere.

The TV also gives full control over received TV mode (PAL etc) which is another bonus and once the whole thing is set up with a good spread of DX TV frequencies, it will be run along side my existing system to see how well it works.

Now just have to wait for a decent band opening 🙂

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