Online feeds of radio signals from around the world are gaining momentum on the web with numerous portals hosting hundreds of feeds. Although all that you need to listen to the feeds is a computer and internet connection accessing them from portable devices can be a little messy.

Android radio scanner

Android radio scanner

To get everything a bit more organized for the mobile user many free apps have been developed that group together a huge number of online radio feeds into one easy to use interface. Giving detailed searching by keyword and location lets the user find any available feed quickly along with a function to show the nearest radio transmissions in relation to the phones location.

Whatever you like to listen to the database should have a audio feed to satisfy with police, fire, ham frequencies and many different utility stations all broadcast on the web by dedicated scanners from all over the world. It can get additive once you start using the app and the way it opens up VHF/UHF transmissions from across the globe keeps you listening for hours.

By making this free app available the makers are raising awareness of the whole online scanner community and ultimately helping to expand it. Adding your own standalone scanner to the huge number of feeds already on the internet doesn’t require much technical knowledge and many users seeing a coverage gap where they live have done just that.

The advantage of this app over listening on a home computer is that new scanners will automatically be added to the database doing away with constantly searching the internet for the latest feeds.

radio scanner app menu

Scanner App Phone Interface

  • The app keeps you informed of the newest scanners
  • Create a favorite list of scanners for quick access
  • Sort scanner feeds by distance
  • See whats hot with a regular updated list of the most listened to feeds
  • Multiple search functions on the whole feed database

More Features

If you really like this scanner app there is an option to upgrade to the pro version which adds more features to the existing software but this isn’t necessary as all the basic functions are available in the free version to listen to the 1000,s of scanners included in the database.

Before you start using this app please be aware that it is power hungry and will eat into your battery pretty quickly. If you are able to plug your phone in while listening to the scanner app it will keep the battery topped up.

For more information on this app and for a free download visit Amazon by clicking Here

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