With computers taking a close second place to hobby radio itself, I’m always on the lookout for new radio software to try out and once someone dropped a link to an altered version of SDRSharp on one of my Facebook groups, it just had to be given a run out.

Installation was done the usual SDR# way and with my decoding computer often throwing a fit when trying to use SDR programs (why?, who knows!), I’ve had plenty of practice at the install process 🙂

SDRSharper GUI

SDRSharper GUI

First Impressions!

Even though I’d already seen a few screenshots, the look of the interface was stunning on my big HD LCD monitor.

The signal meter in the top right corner is a nice touch as well as the ‘out of the box’ settings for the waterfall etc that were not too far away from the conditions I like working in.

A Little Confusion

OK, the interface is not a million miles away from the SDR# layout, but I must confess to 20 minutes of slight confusion as I went on a button pressing rampage while figuring it all out. The whole thing does feel slicker than SDR# though and I’m going to spend the week running some side by side comparisons of that all important on air performance.

SDR Drama

It seems that this program is overshadowed by one of those all too common technical copyright dilemmas.

Digging a little more into the origins of SDRSharper shows that although the person who modified the original SDR# code considered there was no ‘wrong doing’, the people responsible for SDR# think otherwise.

This is evident in the fact that RTL.COM have removed the web links they once had pointing to the SDRSharper download page and as such don’t feel comfortable linking to it myself, but the software isn’t hard to find and you should look to your own morals if you decide to make use of it (or not).

And Finally…

There’s been a lot going on in the shack today and I’ve just found out that my crusade to have all my radio and computer audio pumped into a single set of headphones is a real ‘no no’ when attempting to transmit HF PSK and use ANY SDR equipment.

I’ve managed to null out nearly all the RF pickup on the computer audio, but the SSB hash is having no problem coming in via the dongle itself.

Learn a little everyday 🙂

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