Took a break away from the computer yesterday, jumped on a train and hiked up to an excellent piece of high ground overlooking Birmingham. This spot is a true peak, giving a clear line of sight all around, but I find setting up on the Birmingham side of the hill screens out any unwanted transmissions from down South.

gre handheld scanner on 144mhz

High Ground Heaven 🙂

There was meant to be a few clips of video to go with this post, but forgot to charge my shiny new GoPro and it died a few seconds after turning it on 🙂

Reception Reports

Setting the scanner only for the 4m, 6m, 2m and 70cm ham FM calling channels showed plenty of activity on 144Mhz. Spent some time following the operators off the calling channel and had a quick listen to a few conversations (mostly about radio equipment, as usual).

Can’t remember that last time I came up here in the week and the difference to the level of PMR transmission compared to over the weekend never fails to impress. The analogue signals on the license free 446Mhz channels were overlapping badly, making it a job to follow individual conversations.

There was the usual mix of businesses using these radios for small site communications along with a few personal type transmissions.

Sadly even looking down over the UK’s second largest city and with a good run up North, only one CB channel was in use. I know it was around midday on a Monday, but from this location I’d think there should be much more activity.

Cutting Wind

Although the picture above seems like it was a nice sunny day, there was a strong wind blowing across the peak which brought the temperature right down. Unfortunately I only managed 2 hours before the cold started to set in and had to head on home.

Roll on the summer months when I can sit on top of mountains much bigger than this hill, all night long and not get cold.

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