In another blow for hobbyists and listeners who rely on the up to date information that police transmissions deliver, Toronto police plan to have a fully encrypted radio system up and running by May of this year.

downtown toronto

Downtown Toronto

The city’s other EMS services will be moving to the same trunking system over the course of the year but they say these transmissions will be left unencrypted for the time being. How long this will be is anybodies guest but if all these services are on the same system and the need for secure comms is strong enough, I can only imagine it will be sooner rather than later.

In the huge city with a population of over 2.5 million people, this blocking of police signals is going to affect a whole lot of radio users.

An interesting (and revealing) article in the Toronto Star, takes a look at the use of police scanners from the perspective of a freelance photographer. If you agree or not with how news freelance photographers make a living, the article does give a great insight into how they use police scanners to do their job.

Forum Discussion

As you would expect the hobby radio forums have picked up on this news with the best thread I could find over at the Radio Reference Forum. Not only do you get opinions on the news itself but some blunt views on the article published in the Toronto Star.

Gotta love scanner enthusiasts 🙂

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