After having to resort to pen and paper the other day just to work out a simple power conversion really bought home the fact that all the knowledge gained from years spent designing and building electronics projects is starting to slip away pretty fast.

This is mainly from the time spent making websites and a renewed heavy obsession with Java programing. Losing all that experience would be like partial amnesia so its time to get back on the horse to refresh everything before I get to the level where I’m unsure which end of the soldering iron to hold.

Broken TV

One Man’s Junk….

Always one for not wanting to waste anything, I thought I’d get back into it by quickly throwing something together from stuff that’s already hanging around the house. While searching for inspiration I stumbled upon this interesting post about reusing TV tuners to build very basic radio scanners.

Design of a TV Tuner Based Radio Scanner

I’ve turned most types of radio equipment (wireless phones, utility transmitters etc) into something that can be used for my hobbies over the years but never had a go getting use out of a knackered TV or two.

Note to self :

Breaking with tradition there will be a limit on the amount of projects started and I’ll not end up with a bench full of barely begun circuits with no clue to their intended purpose.

Back to Where It All Began

As luck would have it there’s a few (beyond repair) TV,s in the house at the moment that just haven’t found their way to the dump yet, along with a few unwanted digital TV boxes that could be turned into something more interesting.

Stripping bits out of broken electronics brings back memories of digging through skips outside business to find electronic components as a child.

Getting interested in electronics while still in school meant little money to buy the stuff I really wanted and besides you’d be amazed at the salvageable (and expensive) electronics that most companies through out on a regular basis.

Things are a lot different these days with the big push toward recycling cutting back on the available pickings along with the simple fact the many premises now lock their rubbish away.

Even though I can buy most of the components needed these days to build projects there’s still a temptation to start ripping parts off old appliances I see thrown away.

Old habits die very hard 🙂

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