With the latest Uniden releases having had a few months in the hands of buyers, the only people in the world who can say if new scanners live up to all that per-launch hype. We thought it was about time to search YouTube for some radio scanner eye candy.

The first video is nice and short to get things rolling and showing how the BDC436HP handheld functions at the very first turn on. Not sure if the lighting failure right at the end of this short clip is someone preempting the finish or just general bad luck 🙂

The briefer YouTube radio scanner reviews don’t (usually) offer as much “meat” as the longer versions but at least your not skipping through looking for the good bits.

Courtesy of Uniden Upman

Switching over the the mobile/homebase version of this scanner with another short video showing the set straight from switch on along with some of the basic features. Some nice close up shots of the front panel and display in this video.


For a more in depth look at the way the BDC536HP works and how to program channels this 11 minute video also covers some important things to know about trunking systems. Be warned though there is a fair amount of white board at the beginning with the scanner coming in later on.

Courtesy of Uniden Upman

If your stuck with a particular function on either of these scanners YouTube has a good range of videos on every aspect of how the BDC436HP/BDC536HP series work (as well as other scanners).

Uniden seem to have done their homework with the new products with the internet full of some very complimentary owner reviews.

Still haven’t decided to raid the piggy bank and get one of these beauties added to the mountain of scanners already in the shack but if the price comes down a little bit it would be rude not to.

The original post we wrote about these scanners can be found here

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