Founded in the mid 1940’s NASCAR has grown year on year and now runs over 1500 events across the USA and Canada. the explosion in media technology on and off the track has brought the races to millions of people the world over.

Now a major part of watching the races is the ability to listen to the radio signals between the drivers, pits and the race officials, adding another dimension to an already exciting day out. To do this all you need is a radio scanner that covers the frequencies that are used at the race track and a list of the exact channels where all the transmissions take place.

Due to the noise from the track and the crowd even loud audio from a scanners front speaker is going to be hard to hear and its advisable to use a good pair of headphones to catch all the action on your radio scanner.

Its amazing that something like radio scanners which can be deemed illegal to use in many situations has become an acceptable addition to the way we enjoy certain sport events by openly giving all the important frequencies to anybody who wants to use them. This situation is similar to listening to aircraft transmissions (in certain countries), where a blind eye is given to the sometimes blatant use of scanner technology in this way.

Once you have your scanner and you are comfortable with its operation it can be used at any number of events where all you need are the right frequencies, which can usually be found online.

The Right Radio Scanner to Use at NASCAR Events

Uniden BC75XLT Radio Scanner sm

Uniden BC75XLT NASCAR Scanner
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The specifications needed in a scanner are very low meaning that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to enjoy listening to the two way radio traffic at NASCAR, all important transmission are between 450 MHz and 470 MHz which is a standard frequency band available on almost every radio scanner on the market.

Having a scanner with at least 100 memories will let you program all the channels in at once so you wont have the hassle of punching in numbers and missing the action on the track. Don’t forget to have a spare set of batteries to hand before you go as you know buying them outside of the event is going to cost a whole lot less than getting them inside.

My recommendation whenever buying a scanner is to purchase at least 2 sets of rechargeable batteries. This will save you so much money over the life span of your radio even if you don’t use it that often. Sticking with high quality branded rechargeable batteries will extend the saving further by giving many more charge/discharge cycles.

For an updated list of all the NASCAR frequencies for the track events please visit NASCAR frequency lists.

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